Underwater Adventures as You Learn New Skills. This course is for those people you love diving and want to do just that.

Program Description:

The course consists of 5 Specialty Dives (Advanced Open Water Diver). The idea of this course is to get you in the water and diving!! There is no classroom sessions or tests. You just get the book, do the homeworks for 5 dives. The Deep Dive (60 to 100 ft.) and Navigation Dive are required and then YOU select the 3 other dive that you want to do. Select from the following list:

PADI Specialties – Taste the Fun and Adventure

You can take as much time as you want to do the dives. Do them all in one weekend or do spread out over time. It's up to you and your schedule.

And if you especially liked a particular dive you did during the Advanced Class, that dive will be counted as your first dive in the Specialty course.

Related Course Materials and Products:
advanced book
. Knife, whistle, timing device (watch or dive computer)

Rental equipment available at an extra cost if not purchased throughout program.
All materials needed for class will receive a 5% student discount.


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